CoH officials reach out to international investors

Big Apple trip: Hamilton Mayor Graeme Outerbridge and Deputy Mayor Donal Smith talk with NYSE market specialist John Raris, during a trip to New York

City of Hamilton officials paid a visit to New York as part of an effort to highlight investment opportunities in Bermuda’s capital.

The delegation led by Hamilton Mayor Graeme Outerbridge met last week with key business executives, developers and a Broadway producer about the opportunities the City of Hamilton affords international investors — and entertainers.

“The three-day trip included a visit to Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, where following a meeting with Exchange officials the party were invited to the trading floor to meet specialists managing Bermuda traded companies, whose combined market cap totals an extraordinary $100 billion,” Deputy Mayor Donal Smith said.

Mayor Outerbridge said the trip to New York marked the beginning of a concerted effort by the Corporation to reach out to international investors.

“Hamilton has played a major role in past and present growth of Bermuda and we are determined to ensure that our City is positioned to meet the opportunities and challenges we shall encounter in the future,” he said. “We intend to be a very proactive Council. We believe that nothing is more important to Bermuda today than the creation of jobs for Bermudians through new inward investment in new construction in the City and its surrounds."

Deputy Mayor Smith said he thoroughly agreed with the Mayor, and also cautioned that the Island’s developers and Government alike need to gauge the changing mood of today’s international investors and their advisers."

Bermuda competes for investment in a rapidly changing world,” he said. “We must respond to the needs of our developers and potential investors in a timely fashion. We gathered a lot of information in New York which we shall be putting to very good use in moving the City's projects forward.”