City Confirms Black Mayors Conference

The Corporation of Hamilton confirmed today [May 21] that they will host the 40th annual Conference of Black Mayors in October, which they said is expected to attract some 400-500 delegates from the United States, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy was at the press conference, saying he was there on behalf of the Government to “express our support for the Conference.”

City of Hamilton Bermuda, May 21 2014

Minister Fahy said, “I acknowledge that there has been much discussion about this event in the community and in the media. As the Minister responsible for Municipalities I publicly advised that before the Ministry could endorse such an event, I too had to be satisfied that all was in good order and that this event was in the best interest of the City of Hamilton and Bermuda, before we could support the Corporation’s efforts.

“At my request the Mayor and his team undertook to do their due diligence to the point where I as Minister was content with the information provided.

“Today, I am satisfied with the discussions I have had with the Mayor and his team and therefore thought it was only fitting that I publicly stand in support of the Corporation’s efforts.

“I am hopeful that the Conference will be a success for both the City of Hamilton and Bermuda and am optimistic that the Government of Bermuda and the City of Hamilton can work together on future endeavors,” added Minister Fahy.

The Minister Fahy said the Corporation’s budget was approved at $100,000 and said there will be some additional spending.

Speaking on some of the reports surrounding the event, the Minister said, “There are ongoing issues that have continued to go on in the United States, but that does not take away from what the Conference is trying to achieve. That’s what this is about.”

The Minister added, “If I was dissatisfied with it, I would not have approved it.”

22 minute video of today’s press conference:

Hamilton Mayor Graeme Outerbridge said, “After a detailed due diligence process by the Corporation, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Minister Michael Fahy, we are very gratified to announce our hosting of this very important conference in Bermuda.

“The city and island will be hosting delegations from the United States, South America, Africa, the Caribbean, and even China. The 40th CBM Conference will be international in scope and dimension.

“Here in the city we are excited with the prospect of bringing the world to Hamilton, sharing ideas and forging new relationships, creating business opportunities, and learning how other cities and towns manage their businesses and services.”

Deputy Mayor Donal Smith said, “In October of this year we will be greeting between 400-500 plus delegates from as far away as Brazil, Colombia, China, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands and we shall be reaching out to many other countries with the advice and help of the African Union.

“These influential people will enjoy the hospitality afforded by our hotels, restaurants and the famed leisure activities of our Island. Hopefully, they will return to their countries to urge their colleagues and constituents to come to Bermuda.”